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What my clients say:

Kash Sharma, Regional Sales Manager @ Radware: 

Houman has always delivered above expectations. He is a legend.

Sunny Sarren, CEO @ BG Unified Solution: 


Houman is an empathetic person, who always understands others points of view and comes up with a very feasible solution.

Amir Tavakoli, CEO @ GMA Labs:

Houman is on his way to transform GMA Labs.

This is me

Are you a SaaS business and need to grow fast?
I help SaaS businesses to clarify the diversity goals, assess the existing strategy, align business leaders & founders behind a shared vision and set a new direction for the business so it can scale sales faster.

That is what I specialized in. 
I can go a step further than that also empower. This is my passion.

Become a Trusted Advisor
Find hidden Leads and engage

Drive more Sales 

I advise SaaS businesses to sell more.

I’ll make your SaaS sales a repeatable process. Building a memorable brand, that empowers you to establish an authoritative and engaging relationship with your clients, build a winning sales plan and eventually scale faster.

This is not easy, but it turned out that I have done it for many times!

300% , 100%, 21%, 150% growth Year on Year! 

I’m SaaS Sales Strategist and engineer – I find a way to help you grow faster, at scale.

I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients, and I am the secret weapon of fast growing companies seeking exponential growth without the typical overheads.

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