A Journey from Product  to Business Model, and to Build a Predictable High Growth Marketing & Sales 




If you are an early-stage startup, chances are you have a proven product-market fit. However, sales are not growing as expected.

That's where I come into the picture. I can help you to build fast-growing marketing and sales processes to get you to your revenue target.

Here are some of the results that I achieved:

Global Leader in Software: 300% Revenue Growth in 1.5 year

SaaS Application Vendor: 100% Revenue Growth in 1 year

Global Telco Vendor: 21% Revenue Growth in 1 year

Data Protection Vendor: 100% Revenue Growth year on year

Award Finalist Blogger

Endorsed by Cisco, I am an Award Finalist Blogger for 3 years in a row. No BS!

CiscoBlogAwards_Finalist_Best Analysis.p

Quote: "Houman helped us a lot to build a profitable marketing and sales practice. We double our revenue in 12 months." -- Kevin Freeman


Quote: "Houman increased the website traffic to 180% and generated 9 leads in only 4 weeks." -- Donald Hederson


Quote: "Houman generated 135 leads by using the Linkedin In only 2 weeks." -- Raj Sharma


Quote: "Acquiring 6 new enterprise logos in 4 months, generated $151,000 in revenue during the pandemic." -- Sales Director of a Professional Services Company  


Quote: "Drinking from my own medicine! My own personal blog, 1,194% more unique visitors in only 30 days." -- Houman Asefi