How do the Best Minds in Capital Raising Work?

You have to understand why, when, and how to raise capital.

If you want to be successful in raising VC money,

A definitive strategy to scale and empower founders to grow faster by making capital raising easy & accessible.

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You can be the greatest founder in the world, you can be a leader with vision or a whiz with numbers. You can even be a genius with the skills to build great products. 

But unless you know the psychological underpinnings of the sales process, you will never be in charge when it comes to raising capital.

You may think you are progressing by reaching out to all investors in the world and sending them blind emails.

But then you will get no response. You may get some emails back and think that things are moving in the right direction, but this is not a systematic predictable fundraising approach.

In the same way, as you are building a predictable marketing engine, sales process, and product delivery, the same thinking must go with raising capital as well.

When times get tough like that, all your management, leadership, and personnel skills won't do a lick of good for you. 

I've been innovating the go-to-market strategies and capital raising for startups and corporate innovators to scale faster, since 2012.

I help you to accelerate raising capital and scaling startups by boosting the go-to-market strategy and enabling sustainable growth.

To enlighten and empower startup founders to bridge the gap between a brilliant idea and fast growth.

When the smelly stuff hit the fan, there is only one thing that can pull you through:

The ability to create sustainable fundraising.

This is my obsession.

It should be yours too!

Let's talk about results.

Raising $5.5M for 6 customers in 3 months, DURING the pandemic!

Generating 9 Investor leads out of our first email campaign!


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