Time to Scale Sales?

Build Peak Performing Sales Teams

a Strong Channel Sales Strategy

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If you want to scale your startup through sales, there are two areas that you need to pay attention to:

  • Field Sales

  • Channel Partner Sales

Almost all tech startups must learn how to adapt and scale sales organization through hiring and coaching high performing sales teams and also working with engaged channel partners to boost revenue targets.

This is my obsession.

It should be yours too!

I am a award finalist blogger for 3 years in a row, recognized by Cisco as an strategy analyst.

The result was to generate more than $7M in SaaS sales in 3 years.

Helping SaaS founders to generate more than $5M in the last 2 years.

Also, helping sales team to generate about $5M in one quarter.

I am doing what I coach and coaching what I do. Period.

Growth is a philosophy.

Tactics are seasonal. Sometimes they work, sometimes they do not.

Strategy is a long term game and it all starts with customer.

You wonder how to put customer in the heart of your business?

It all starts with buyer persona.

You need to start with the habit of knowing who your customer is.

What is their concerns.

What questions they are asking.

What language they are using.

Who they follow.

What podcasts they are listening to.

What books they are reading.

What hashtags they follow.

What they do when they get home.

What they do on weekends.

What are their values.

Once you figure these outs . . .

Only then you can build a great strategy . . .

and win.

I can show you, how to hire, train and coach a peak performing sales team for your tech startup.

Also, I can empower your startup to build a strong engaging channel partner program and indefinitly scale.

I have been there.

Done that.