A Journey from IT Engineering to Business Strategy & Leadership 




I started my journey as a tech engineer and found that to be able to impact more people and build a better world, I need to master these areas: business strategy, leadership, sales, and marketing.

The journey still continues.

This is my personal journey and I share everything I learned with you and make sure you have the tools to fast track your progress as well. 

We are all on this journey together. Mastering leadership, strategy, sales, and marketing can take years. This is moving progress and I share everything I learn with you! I except nothing in return.

Award Finalist Blogger

Endorsed by Cisco, I am an Award Finalist Blogger for 2 years in a row. No BS!


I share everything I know to help ambitious Tech IT Engineers to build a memorable personal brand and become a money-making machine, hand-holding you to master business strategy, leadership, sales & marketing skills and build great businesses.


In only 4 weeks, I increased the website traffic to 180% and generated 9 leads.

In only 2 weeks, I generated 135 leads by using the Linkedin automation platform.

Acquiring 6 new enterprise logos in 4 months, generated $151,000 in revenue during the pandemic.


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