B2B SaaS Sales Masterclass

Accountability Group to Grow Sales Insanely Fast

A Results-Driven Group Discussions

We are a bunch of SaaS Sales leaders, Marketers and founders to seek strategies that work almost instantly and drive revenue fast. 


A Growth Plan You Can Stick To

We meetup weekly and monthly to discuss challenges of running a B2B SaaS startup and give you feedback on how to improve, because we all want to learn and we are applying the same strategies to our own startup.

3      Strategies that Actually Work

We all have been there or we all are just got there. This is not just yet another webinar. It is a group of like-minded techy founders that are building a SaaS business and now trying every strategy that can impact the business and lead to more sales.

4     You are Not Alone

We all are in this together. Connect to other SaaS Founders and build meaningful relationships that last a long time.

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This masterclass is not just a webinar.

The format is a remote Zoom call for groups of 4 - 6 SaaS founders in a virtual round table.

Each founder get about 1 hour to share their challenges, struggles and even lessons learned in sales and marketing and then other founders come up with ideas or experiences to solve the problems.

This Masterclass will be available in the following regions:

- USA West Coast

- USA East Coast

- Europe