Why Founders are So Bad at Sales?

It is good to start a business on your own and earn revenues. You may have set up your company and created a business model. You have also chosen a name and found a reliable source for financing. However, will you be successful in making sales?

Most of the founders have failed to make a considerable number of sales.

Without sales, the business will not be successful. Especially, a startup does not find it easy to convince potential customers to buy their products and services.

Why do founders cannot act as the best sellers? A few mistakes prevent them from achieving their sales goal.

Founders have wrong anticipations

Some company owners are too obsessed with their services and products.

They think that their products are the best in the market and customers will naturally get attracted to them. However, there is a need for several efforts to make a successful sale.

More connections and regular follow-ups are important for sales. But, as founders are busy and play different roles, they cannot find time to deal with sales activities.

First-time founders do not focus on the target market

While market research is a vital step, you have to identify the target market. However, in most cases, a founder misses out on this step.

Interestingly, founders are found to sell their products to their friends and relatives. But, they have to identify the potential buyers to grow the business.

Friends and other acquaintances will purchase their products to show their love and obligations. They will not give the right feedback on the value of the products and services.

As a founder, you have to identify the target buyers and competitors. It will help you in tailoring the product to these buyers’ needs.

Some founders have a sense of distrust

There are first-time founders, who like to control everything on their own. They do not hire any sales professionals and think of managing sales without others’ help.

However, the sales process is long for both small and big businesses. While some sales specialists need to communicate with potential buyers, others have to help customers in making a deal.

The feelings of distrust can cause a disastrous effect on the business. A single person cannot manage every step of the sales process alone. It is one of the reasons for the failure of the founders.

Thus, you can try to engage a team of trusted sales professionals to help you in winning customers.

Lack of business model

You can find this mistake in companies selling technical products, like SaaS.

For instance, SaaS company owners think that potential customers will easily sign up for their software. However, without inbound marketing, they cannot increase the number of SaaS sales.

It may be concluded that founders must know the sales tricks and acquire the best skillsets. The best option for them is to create a dedicated sales department and employ sales professionals.

However, a founder must inform the team about their product and services to simplify the sales process.

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