Where Will Sales Be 1 Year From Now?

There are many predictions and discussions that COVID-19 will be our guests for another year or so. This crisis is not something that goes away in the next couple of months. In fact, Coronavirus may continue to stay with us for a long long time. Bill Gates mentioned that this crisis may stay with us till Sep 2021. So, the question is, how the sales will change in 1 year time?

Being in sales and marketing for years now, I can see the changes and trends and what is going on in our industry and how businesses are shifting their strategy on how to communicate and persuade their target market and that is sales.

I talked about how COVID-19 can affect you and your business. The key is to be adaptable to the situation.

COVID-19 is imposing massive limitations on how businesses interact with each other in B2B space and as the result and as this crisis is on, we can start to see the changes and trends.

Some of these trends are inevitable, meaning we could have expected them to come in a few years, but because of the crisis that we are in, they now becoming new norms.

Remote communication

Human communication is becoming a remote and so does sales.

As we are now communicating and socializing over tools like Zoom, the sales have shifted to remote-only practice. Now, as COVID-19 is becoming more under control and perhaps by having the vaccine, this will go back to more normal face to face interaction, but sales architects will learn how effectively sell remote as well.

Obviously, nothing can beat face to face sales, but this will help salespeople to sharpen their tonality and persuasion techniques to the next level.


I have talked about this here before.

People and customers need to know that you are not a jerk driven by profit. They need to see and understand your position and what you think about the whole situation first hand.

Do not just release PR. Give your customers 1:1 presentations on what are the new measures and how you are responding to the crisis and which tools you are using. Make sure that your customers are 100% confident that you are taking care of them.

Your message should be something around “ we are in this together” or “we are fighting to drive growth together” as emphasizing on tackling these issues not just on their own.

World-class prospecting

This is not something that I agree with, but many businesses and startups are cutting marketing costs. This is ridiculous but happens.

For those sales reps hit by this, they eventually become world-class prospectors and they will be able to bring their own leads from different channels.

This book can help you set the foundation for your prospecting skills as well.

Becoming trusted advisors

When it comes to building your personal brand in technology b2b space, nothing beats becoming a trusted advisor in your market during Coronavirus. You want to position yourself as an expert in your field, both from a technical and business perspective. You should put your focus on educating your potential clients on how to become better at what they do. You are not going to an opportunity just for the sake of commission, because people can see that. They can sense if you are there to make a sales or you are there to help them grow.

Care about people. Become absolutely interested in what they do and what they want and fight on their behalf to get them what they need.

In order to improve productivity and overall sales, it’s important to stay on top of trends and implement new technologies and new tactics.

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