Uncertainty is the New Constant

Updated: Jan 20

Up until 2016, "Change" was the new constant. Now the era of "Uncertainty" has begun and CIOs need to figure a way to deal with this new dilemma.

I have lot of conversations with technology leaders and when I start asking questions around where they want to go, or what areas they want to improve, or when they want to achieve their goals and targets, I hear one answer all the time:"I do not know!"

It is no wonder that even technology leaders do not know what solutions and what capabilities they need to have now so they can support and enable the business in the coming years. The world of business and technology is so complicated that simply putting a flat and simple strategy together can not guarantee the success of the business.


The issue is when the business cannot identify what value they need, how technology can satisfy those unknown needs?

The world of business is becoming more and more complicated. Businesses are no longer able to mark their territories and competition. They no longer can identify who will be their competition in coming years and how startups will challenge them in what way.

Mergers and Acquisitions still not working and many of them fail to deliver the value that was anticipated. New products and services are coming to the market just as a respond to competition and not as the result of a comprehensive market research or target market value proposition.

Emerging market respond to business investment in addition to political complexity in middle east will increase the risk of any investment with high level of uncertainty around what will be the best set of decisions to exploit new markets.

Now the business expect from their technology arm (IT) to play a strategic role in accordance to the business outcomes and help the business make better decisions. The issue is when the business cannot identify what value they need, how technology can satisfy those unknown needs?


CIOs need to be on top of every strategic decision that business wants to make so they can align their own strategy and resources in way to deliver maximum value for the business. This is obvious but not an easy task.

Technology needs to be so flexible and so agile that can change as the respond to the market shifts, new competition and new technologies.

this indeed make IT more complicated and consume more expensive resources and of course there will be lot of overhead with the current projects as well.

Embrace Uncertainty

Embracing uncertainty is not an easy task.

I personally believe IT not only should embrace uncertainty, but also drive the culture of unknown. IT can be implemented in a way to change rapidly and provide new services and products as the result of any change in the business or technology. IT workforce should be aware hat this is now a new era and nobody is safe. It means every body are responsible to play their own role and equip themselves to the new knowledge and skills that can help them to build a serf service technology platform in which business can have real time access and start investigate the new possibilities without the need to ask IT each time.

So let's not forget that we are living in this new era and there is no escape from it. So let's be bold and embrace the uncertainty.

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