The One Single Principle that Helped Me to Build a $12M Pipeline in 3 Months

In only 3 months, I could build a $12M pipeline from a zero customer base just by sticking to the basics. It was not easy but we got to a predictable point to enter the next quarter.

So I become a growth consultant at a fintech startup and the aim was to build a pipeline in the region with a zero customer base.

Absolutely zero.

So, as a growth consultant, my mandate was simple. To build a strong pipeline so that the customer base can be built from the ground up.

By the way, I am all about the results.

So you can see what it looks like:

If you look at the left column, you can see 3 deals which the total amount will be $12M.

In only 3 months.

Now I am going to explain step by step how I build this strong pipeline for the sales team.

You can easily replicate this method and hopefully can get the same result too.

Let's dive.

The one single principle that helped me to do this, was building meaningful partnerships.

It was that simple.

What I did was from day 1, I was looking for partners that share the same customer base with us, meaning that they are serving the same customer base but with different complementary services.

So I started to target those partners with a very customized message.

Every day I was sending about 10 emails that were super customized.

These are some of the examples of those super customized emails:

I was doing about 30 min research on the prospect company and the CEOs Linkedin. Getting the sense of what they are posting in the recent months and what is their thought process.

Then I was building a conversation based on what they are thinking (posting) and how I could help build a business around it.

The result was to close a valuable partnership and the partner refereed us 3 hot deals.

Simple, but effective.

Feel free to share your experience working with active partners.

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