The Next Big Thing in Sales During Recession

Businesses always get cautious during recessions. The only ideas that appeal are how to cut costs. This is the worst possible tactic ever!

In this article, I talked about the next big thing in sales and how different strategies can be applied in terms of positioning your sales team in front of potential customers.

However, things have changed now. We are living in Coronavirus crisis and COVID-19 has changed the way people work and live.

The old ways of sales may not work as effectively as before. The reality has changed and we need to change and adapt to the new world.

If we as sales experts could not adapt to the new conditions, we are doomed to oblivion in our markets.

There are very important questions we can ask ourselves to have a better understanding of how things are changing. For instance, what will stay the same in this new world, and what may change?

Which industries are going downhill and which ones are going up?

Which startups are generating more revenue and which ones are laying off people?

The other important question you want to ask yourself, is how the dynamics of human interactions have changed?

As you are now aware, the majority of people are working from home (#WFH). This is changing the way we communicate and talk to each other. Even if people are not fully working from home, the level of face to face interaction has dropped significantly.

Meaning, the majority of our interactions are via Zoom/Webex. Which is different.

Let’s face it. This is not a harder situation, but just different. As the situation is the same for everybody else as well, this fact will not put you in a worst or better situation.

Now . . . let’s answer the question.

What is the next big thing in sales during this crisis?!

Empathy sales

There you go! You now have the answer!!

Just kidding. Let’s explain.

Sales 101. We all know that empathy was one of the key rules in sales. Empathy with your potential clients and try to understand their pain.

I personally believe that this will be rule #1 when it comes to sales during COVID-19 crisis. It is absolutely important that you show you understand your customer's situation and you are not just there to make the sales.

I have seen this a lot during my career that salespeople are acting as they are ruling the industry and they are the only ones understanding the market.

I have seen a lot of lost opportunities because of an arrogant sales rep who just thought that they have won the opportunity . . .

The reality is, if you do not empathy with your customer . . . and share your insight on the issue and how you solve this problem before for your other customers . . you may have trouble winning the sales.

You need to share your customer's pain making sure you address that in your conversations and also show your appreciation that the customer is working with you during these hard times.

Here is another article on the expectations to have when it comes to sales during hard times.

Redefine your values

As a salesperson and business leader, we all have our own personal values and vision for our lives.

Again, this is sales 101 lesson that every coach or mentor will tell you. We need to have a very clear set of values so we can distinguish our personal brand in this noisy market. Without an established brand, it is very hard to be successful.

My personal suggestion to all salespeople and sales leaders out there is to start rethinking your personal brand and your values and see if you need to make adjustments.

There is absolutely nothing wrong when it comes to refining your personal brand, especially when it comes to hard times.

For instance, instead of being a lone wolf or a natural closer, you may think that a trusted advisor or even a consultant in your personal messaging.

This will help your clients to understand where you stand when it comes to mutual respect and business relationship.

In order to improve productivity and overall sales, it’s important to stay on top of trends and implement new technologies and new tactics.

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