Sales Challenge; Your Story Explained in Fewer than 280 Characters

Here I design a challenge for all sales experts and growth strategists out there: Tell your story or pitch in less than 280 characters!

Now you may ask what I mean by this and why I created this challenge.

Obviously, we are living in hard times. COVID-19 has changed many things in the world and sales is no exception.

Especially B2B sales in tech space which I am heavily involved for many years, will experience some hiccups in terms of ways that we communicate and build relationships with customers.

So, it is very important for us to stay sharp and be like thunder in terms of keeping our skills up to date.

Like athletics, we as sales leaders must practice every day and keep our brain as sharp as we can even during these tough times.

Now you may have a few questions about this challenge. Let’s answer them all here and now:

Why 280 characters?

As you know, this is the limitation for Tweeter as each tweet cannot more than 280 characters as of today that I am writing this blog post.

I was surfing the internet and found this article to explain your value proposition in 280 characters. The idea is to explain why you are different in what you do as a business leader to your target market as short as possible in one tweet.

I was thinking by myself, why not do the same in sales.

So the challenge is to tell your sales story or sale pitch in one tweet! No less no more.

If you think about this, this will make your story elegant, short and to the point without wasting anybody's time.

You can tweet your stories under #SalesChallenge2020 so later on, we can document the answers. If you want to use another hashtag, make sure that you tweet them to me.

Let’s give it a go

Here is my shot:

Fastest sales that I had was a deal worth of $700k which I closed in two weeks. Key reason for that win was the relationship I had with buyer and as I got a new job, I called him and told him about my new role. Invest in relationships!

Keen to get your feedback and see what you think.

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