Regret Getting into Sales

I wanted to be employed ASAP and didn’t look at other options.

This is the story of a lot of sales reps.

They are graduating from the university.

They start looking for the first thing that comes up.


It is sales!

Over many years, I talked to lots of sales managers and directors. Many of them have the same story.

Almost all of us break into sales by chance.

The challenge, of course, is that we get no official training or certification to get the job.

For many of the jobs out there, you need to have some level of training, certification or qualification . . . except sales.

As the result, we have to learn on the job.

Making a lot of mistakes . . . losing deals . . . missing targets . . until we learn.

The secrets of account management

Account managers (AEs) are having the same history as well.

Their job is to navigate the account.

Understand what is going on within the customer's environment.

Technically and from a business perspective.

And then to be able to hunt the deal.

What can go wrong?


Note that your competitors are doing the same as well.

In many cases, about 5 to 6 people are talking to the customer about a particular project.

Only one will win.

The others lose.

This is a challenge for sales leaders.

To coach and mentor their AEs so they can consistently win deals.

The word "consistently" is very important here.

Instead of relying on manpower to unlock these strategic initiatives, let's rely on data.

Any solutions?

Chances are you are having lots of backend data about your customers within your business backend.

This can be Salesforce, HubSpot, NetSuite, ERP, Oracle, Web development platforms, Jira or any other platforms.

We can build a data analytics solution and based on certain algorithms, extract the risk areas within your customer's environment.


You have your opportunities.

Risk = opportunity.

This is a fact.

If your customer is showing risky patterns of behavior, there is your chance to go in there, highlight the risks, and position upsell/cross-sell to help them improve the situation.

So, all you need to do is to follow this process:

Find risks => Take the insight to customer => position services/products => sell

This is how you can formulate a predictable revenue stream from your existing customers.

More to come in future . . .


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