My Journey of Finding a Co-Founder

For most of the start-ups and founders finding a co-founder is a big problem and it's a big challenge especially in the early stage of ideation or various stage preceded start-ups.

Finding a co-founder that can complement your skills will be a big challenge especially for first-time founders. People might push themselves into finding somebody to bring an idea into life very quickly and then this might cause a lot of problems and might be even a mistake in terms of connecting with the wrong co-founder.

We all know that the right co-founder can pretty much make things go very smoothly and can be a very big help as well. But the wrong co-founder can basically get things to sideways pretty quickly. Say finding the right co-founder is look like a marriage. you need to go on a date with your potential co-founder and then see if there is any common ground between all of you guys and if you're on the same page in terms of your mission and your vision and everything that you want to achieve and finding the right person might be very hard as well.

To find the right person that might take for years because normally you want to find a person that has the same mindset, have the same growth mindset, and basically, they want to go all the way up. Plus they need to have complementary skills to you as well and have a different mindset in terms of how to get things done because when it comes to finding a co-founder do you want to look for a solution that one plus one is not equal to one, to make sure that 1+1 = 11.

There a lot of tools out there that you can be can help you find a co-founder. A lot of matching websites, a lot of communities that help you find a co-founder, lot of startup accelerators that help you find a potential good co-founder as well whether it's a technical co-founder or a business co-founder.

What I personally found that I was pushing hard to find a co-founder that can help me bring up ideas to life, but potentially what happened was as a result people actually running away from me. I'm not sure if it was because of the pressure of setting up to start up from nothing, or it was because people had different plans for them they had different agendas.

However, I potentially connect with four or five people along the way and none of them were obviously suitable for me for my goals and obviously, I wasn't suitable for their goals and their agenda in life as well. Because let's face it if you want to start a journey, not an apprenticeship you need to have very special skills to the market you need to have very certain skills in dealing with early-stage businesses. You have to be very good at dealing with uncertainty and let's face it not many people really like to have that rest so for me it was pushing to find a specific person that can help me take a business from the ground and build a business from the ground.

Basically, with no idea, what I found was a lot of people are ready to help until there is something. When you have a start-up that is basically raising funds and you're passing all those early stages struggles, a lot of people are happy to help. Things will get very rough. What I did was I basically gave up to find a co-founder in many cases I wanted to basically just start for myself find an idea and then start building up there on that but what happened eventually was I was connected to a fellow that was exactly my link with the same mindset with me and he was in the same life stage as myself.

He had the same mindset ,goals and strategy in life as well and turn up that we connected very well in terms of personality and practice sticks and also we both were at the same stage of starting something new for ourselves so we connected we had few meetings and then bank we startedWe haven't and if this is only about a couple of months now and we are moving we are trying to move as many obstacles as we can to bring this idea to life but what I'm trying to say is sometimes you need to let go sometimes you need to just leave it until the destiny of the universe or whatever you wanna call it bring people together to build something meaningful and this is what I learned from arm basically going out there and hunt for co-founder but I know that there are a lot of people dad trying different things as well the best thing obviously is to have a have few friends that are in the same having a same mindset as yourself you're dealing with them for a long time and you know they're not gonna leave you behind or they gonna move basically justOn the other side to a lot of communities out there like major Capitals that help you find it at the start of co-founder again that's a good idea as well because you know that these people are looking for something in the appreciates it's all about but I didn't have a day it's all about coming to the same mindset finding people with the same mindset and I was a different skills so you can bring things into life--

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