Kids Are Getting Brainwashed by Internet Gurus?

Does anyone else find it super sad how kids are getting brainwashed by online money-making gurus?

So, here is the argument.

Should we stop our children and teenagers stop listening to online internet gurus on how to make money?

Are these people the best source of education when it comes to money and business?

Or because they are great in "internet marketing", they are actually the real deal?

I am specifically talking about Gary V, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Dan Lok etc.

One side of the argument is, that eventually, they made it down the dropshipping/affiliate marketing pipelines where people sell their courses.

Nowadays these gurus migrated from YouTube to TikTok and legit prey on kids hoping they’ll buy their shitty discord memberships or courses.

The other side of the argument is that, do not have a look at what they say!

Do what they do!!

For some reason, they know how to build a cult!

You heard me right.

Their fan base loves them.

Adore them.

Follow them.

Of course, there are many people who hate them too.

And I am not necessarily mean that go online and sell courses on how to become rich.

What I mean is that break down their messaging, branding, audience building, email copy, ad marketing, and closing technics and just replicate that in your business.

I am fed up with courses and coaches that sell you coaching on how to become a coach.

However, they are doing something right.

Do not listen to what they say.

Bloody do what they do.

When it comes to children online, I believe we need to educate our children.

Teach and encourage them to read books.

Get their knowledge from reliable resources that passed the test of time.

There are heaps of free books on these subjects and also great people who walked the way and are a few steps ahead of you.

However, I am not totally against these people.

There are things our children can learn.

Focusing on the positive side of online gurus.


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