I Sent 348 Cold Emails to VCs

I am going to show you how to build a network of investors from the ground up with zero experience.

First of all, why did I do this?

It is simple. I wanted to build a network of VC investors.

If you are a founder and you know you are going to raise capital in the future, you cannot wait until then.

It will be too late.

For founders with no investor network and previous capital raising experience, it takes up to 6 months to raise funding.

Of course, when in recession, things will take more time.

And more effort.

And less valuation.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hand.

However, I was thinking by myself that until I build something interesting (which seems happening after 5 pivots -- story for another time), what should I say to investors?

How on earth I can talk about to keep them interested?

So, I dug in and asked mentors.

VCs are looking for a "STRONG" deal flow.

and indeed, qualified LPs.

So, I decided to help with the first.

Let's send them invest-worth and strong startups and see how it goes.

The result was fascinating.

Here is another one:

I love this one:

The lesson here is simple.

If you want to build an investor network, this is what they need:

- Strong startup deal flow

- High-quality LPs to invest

If you bring these two elements to any VC, they going to love you and invest in you for the rest of your life.

P.S.: Share your experience here trying to raise capital during this recession.

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