How To Run Webinars Effectively And Demo SaaS

Whether you are new to the SaaS sales game or just want to improve your sales techniques in the ever-changing software space, this complete guide will guide you through everything you need to know before you create your SaaS. In this blog post, I'll teach you the basics of effectively hosting webinars and using them to build your content strategy and grow your business. [Sources: 7, 20]

Read on to find out how your webinars can help you with every step and serve specific product and demo purposes. See how evergreen webinars work and how you can use them to connect effectively with your customers. You now know what a webinar is, how to create a webinar, webinar conference software, and what you need to host it, but what do you need? [Sources: 8, 9, 16]

Webinars are not suitable for every SaaS business, but if you want to increase your trial conversion rate, I encourage you to consider them. All in all, a webinar is an important part of your marketing strategy, not just your business plan. So this is an effective way in which webinars can make a difference for businesses and SaaS companies. [Sources: 1, 5, 12]

What measures contribute to the success of your webinars as a SaaS promotion tool? In the following section, you will be guided through the setup of a webinar marketing strategy to promote your service and sell tons of products. [Sources: 8, 14]

As a SaaS company, you should take a look at how many people use your product and how much value they have. It is important to continue to attract free trial and registration procedures to maintain a healthy business, as SaaS companies also make losses every year due to migration. The process of creating a sustainable user base starts with more people using the free trial or visiting the demo. If you have a SaaS product, you also want to get paying customers as soon as possible, even if it is only a few days or even a week. [Sources: 11, 17]

Therefore, offering a free demo is one of the first things you want to have available as an evergreen. One of many demos is a semi-personalized webinar hosted by a SaaS sales representative, where a small group of interested parties will get a live overview of your product and have the opportunity to ask the host individual questions. The goal is to turn attendees and employees into qualified 1-to-1 demos that can then be turned into customers by your sales team. [Sources: 6, 18, 20]

The best way to host a demo webinar is to address specific issues or difficulties people have with your product. If the main pain point for your audience is how the product works at the beginning, then you don't really need to hold a demo webinar. The main advantage of demos webinars is that you can guarantee that everyone who visits your webinars will be a warm-up guide, knowing that they will learn more about your products. [Sources: 4]

SaaS marketers can use the psychology to give potential customers a look at their product dashboards through Facebook ads or give them a taste of the dashboards of their products. ActiveCampaign promotes live workshops and SaaS companies use the platform effectively to promote their webinars. Hubspot promotes its B2B ad verification and marketing campaigns with live events such as the annual conference. Conference visitors are attracted by the interactive nature of the event and the high level of interaction with participants. [Sources: 3]

An onboarding screencast is the perfect way to showcase your product and set up new users for success. You can go a step further and use webinars to attract new customers, rather than just making videos, and follow this example. [Sources: 9, 19]

Before we delve into webinars, it is important to understand how and why they work at all. Hosting a webinar has many uses and benefits, but before we explore the pros and cons of hosting webinars as SaaS, let's discuss how to run a webinar. An evergreen webinar is an ongoing SaaS marketing channel, and hosting can be integrated into an automated marketing campaign, with each webinar recording providing relevant, valuable information - with the goal of inspiring your audience to get active. [Sources: 8, 15, 16]

Kissmetrics is dedicated to helping SaaS and e-commerce customers optimize their marketing tactics with a series of analyses. BigMarker offers a comprehensive suite of webinars, webinar hosting, and demo hosting services that maximize the ROI of your software demos. [Sources: 0, 2]

If you are hosting a webinar for SaaS newcomers, you may want to measure registration and attendance rates. If your webinars include a guide to how to - ask if they increase attendance, plans, and purchases. [Sources: 10, 14]

If you are a sales representative at a SaaS company, this guide can become a goldmine for you. Contact your customer success team to find out what the best price plans are and start designing your very first product demo web binary. The special thing about product demos and webinars is that they can be organized in every phase of the customer journey. [Sources: 9, 13]























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