How Hard is B2B SaaS?

Are you sure your product is really B2B?

Today the lines between business and consumers are blurring every day.

There's a huge market of creators and freelancers or small businesses of 1 to 4 people that is not real B2B but neither B2C.

I urge you to think about the market of PROSUMERS.

You always can think about re-positioning brands.

All the big consulting firms urge this mindset shift from a decade ago: B2B and B2C are blurring into H2H (human to human).

Of course, exceptions are the rule: Cisco is clearly B2B, Salesforce the same...

But can be used by freelancers as well as bigger biz, but they proclaim themselves a B2B company.

Amazon? Is it B2C? Yes with the front of the marketplace, but it's B2B with sellers and AWS.

So, this is to let you brainstorm about the positioning of your product. You can take the best of both worlds or just widen your potential market.

Study your pricing, the solidity of your product, your backend processes, and your UX.

Just my two cents.

Some may tell you getting B2B SaaS to work is very HARD.

Cold emails don't work.

Networking doesn't work, people will give you time as a courtesy because you reached out to them via your network but then it is silence.

In some cases, users of the product are different from the people making the decision so there is another problem where you have to identify who is the actual decision maker and then try to convince him to buy.

This is despite having users from their company asking for the product and you have an actual product and not promise to deliver the product.

This should not discourage you.

If you have extensive sales or marketing skills, you know that it is possible to get enterprise customers to think differently about your product = their problems.

Sometimes it feels that the only way to succeed is focusing on organic traffic.

Validate your Ides asap.

This is the only way to test out your SaaS. No other way round.

If you are solving a real problem then halfway already completed.

B2B is lot easier to scale up compared to B2C.

Try to build an audience.

It was not that expensive.

There are a few SaaS groups on Facebook, join them & share your thoughts with them.

Join some forums similar to IH, like Reddit, and ProductHunt.

Keep on learning & evolving everyday 🙂

In summary, I would focus very much on solving a problem and solving it well. If you manage to do this, it will be easy for you to find clients. You can always do something better or cheaper than your competitors.


BTW, if you are thinking about raising Series A, we must talk!

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