From Startup Idea to Business Model, MVP and First Paid Customer in Only 4 Weeks; Guaranteed

Time is of the essence. If anything, time is the only asset startups and SaaS businesses have. Or they think they have. This is why I want to take you through a process to achieve your first paid customer in only 4 weeks.

I did this myself. I am going through the same journey and it works.

To cut the story short, there are many potential founders out there that have great ideas but lack executive power. And all we know that execution is the difference between success and failure.

We are not short of an ideation engine. In fact, there are AI tools out there now that can give you great ideas in a matter of seconds. What really makes the difference, is how to execute those ideas.

I cracked the code.

As I was struggling to find a good idea to turn into a startup, I know a lot of founders out there that have strong skills either in business or development, but not both.

Since I have technical IT engineering background and eventually moved to sales, I am in a unique position to help you get your idea off the ground and execute.

The commitment from your side is simple. We spend 4 weekends together to get this done.

Weekend #1: Ideation and validation

Weekend #2: Business model and commercial strategy

Weekend #3: MVP

Weekend #4: Customer acquisition

Let's go through each chapter and see what is included.

Weekend #1: Ideation and validation

During this weekend, that can be over Zoom or in person, we go through different ideas that you have and potentially we narrow it down to 2-3 best ideas that we think will get the attraction and have massive potential.

Remember, we are here to build a $100M business together. At least, that should be the end goal and the ambition.

Then we use different validation techniques, to make sure we are solving a real problem and people are ready to pay for it.

The output of this weekend is one amazing idea that we are sure people are happy to pay for.

Weekend #2: Business model and commercial strategy

This weekend, we spend our time together to come up with the business model and commercial arrangements.

We want to set up a scalable business model and pricing, to make sure people understand how to interact with us.

My specialty is B2B SaaS commercial model and I deliberately choose founders that are targeting this space.

Weekend #3: MVP

This weekend, we go through different scenarios on how to build an MVP that should not cost us more than $300.

We specify which features the solution must have, should have, and nice to have, and then we execute based on must-haves to build a product.

Weekend #4: Customer acquisition

Eventually, we go out in the market and set up sales and marketing strategy to acquire our first or even our first 10 - 100 customers.

This chain of events is not for everyone.

That is why, before even starting the program, you need to get a recommendation letter from an existing founder in B2B SaaS space to me.

Then we will have an initial interview session so that you understand what to expect and what not. So there are no surprises.

The next will be history.

Let's do this.

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