DNA of a Successful SaaS Startup Founder

Ok! So as you may know, I am registering myself into the Antler Launch Academy program in which they will help you to network with each other and refine their ideas finding another co-founder. I'm pretty much working on the ideas to launch startup businesses.

I was always wanted to participate in these programs to become a founder of a startup. I have a vision for myself to build a business from scratch and build something from 0 or from nothing and then make the world a better place. I am driven by impact and I have my own version of future and reality and I'm trying to fly to that vision.

Now, this is not easy. over 90% of startup businesses fail. this is because of different reasons; I have already blogged about it in my previous blogs. Essentially reasons that are founders the cannot make their business work; they might be the idea is not really great or there is a problem with their founding team, that might be no product-market fit or probably there are some problems with marketing and sales or any other functional side of the business.

What I want to do myself personally is basically share my journey and my learning towards this path. I want to test myself basically. I want to push myself to the limits and learn as much as I can about the business. I want to put all I learned on sales and marketing to test and see how far that can take me. I already worked with a lot of businesses around improving their sales and marketing functions. I could bring a lot of good results as well as authored even a startup mode and established businesses.

One thing about sales and marketing is that when you're working in this startup environment you have the freedom and flexibility to test new ideas and test your limit. On the other side, the resources are very limited. we don't have a lot of money to play with. so we need to rely on growth hacking techniques and organic growth methodologies and strategies. Also finding a niche that our product or our idea can grow as fast as it can all in this situation faster product-market fit.

So hereby I want to announce that I joined the Antler launch program in which I can network with a lot of other potentials founders and learn as much as we can about startup and get it to scale faster. Now yesterday we had a session or we had our first session are in which we discuss the DNA of a successful founder. it is very important to know that founder or not born, they are made. this means that all these skills are learnable.

The first one is the founder should be excellent at something. It means it doesn't matter what it is, but they should be very good at some functional side of the business. Either product management, coding, sales, or marketing, Or either growth hacking or anything like that. Or it might even be Domain expertise. So we need to figure out what we are good at personally. I'm with sales and marketing and that the number of results I got for companies that I work for speak for themselves. and I always enjoyed writing or reading and engaging with people on these two topics this is good news for me.

In general, the other way that founders very good are to be ambitious. if there is no ambition, the business will not go anywhere. we have seen many startups that they could get a very good result in the beginning even going to $1M in revenue, then they stopped and that's because there were no ambitions at the beginning of the business. So I need to be very careful with my vision and I need to make sure that I'm injecting in those areas into my business as well.

Even though I'm living in Australia there is nothing wrong to imagine a global business that can change people's lives everywhere around the globe.

The other DNA of a founder is tenacity, meaning that the ability to execute on your ambitions and on your vision. This is very important because vision without execution is just daydreaming and of course execution without vision is just horse work. it doesn't get you anywhere.

Another important feature of a founder is attention to detail. The difference is in details. I heard this from a lot of successful business owners and business leaders as well which details make the dish. if you're starting either new venture there is a high chance that there are similar businesses out there in the world there is a high chance that somebody is solving the same problem as you are solving it. There should be something unique in your business that customers can be attracted to and have you sold the problem in a unique way all these details wall difference between a failed or successful so yeah I'm basically recording this in my bike so whatever I want I can just come back to this and review what's going on which muscles I can or I should basically and then walk on myself from the mindset perspective come up with new skills making sure that I'm improving my business as well.

So that was it for today do you have any thoughts if you have any questions or anything else that I'm missing.

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