Crypto Criminals

If you are taking people's hard-earned money and not giving it back to them, you deserve to get JusticeDAO.

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Now that the CTA is out of the way . . .

It is sad to see people lose their money to criminal startups.

You definitely do not want to be that person.

PayPal (I know it is not a WEB 3.0 org yet!) is one of those evil businesses that take people's money and just block their accounts.

There have been several class actions against them in regards to this.

However, something more serious needs to be pursued at this point.

Here is another story:

I am personally banned from PayPal for some reasons and I have barely done any business there. It was mostly buying things that I do not need!

Celsius is another example of this horseshit:

They got people's money with a big promise of high yield profit.

And now that crypto is in winter, they do not give people's money back!

I mean, how shitty of a character you should be to become an evil business and misuse people's trust?

Many of these businesses came into existence because there was a problem with the current system.

Either business inefficiency, under-served markets, technical limitation . . .

They are coming with big promises to the market.

Gain people's trust.

And then go rogue.




The lesson here is not to be that business.

Also, we need a more distributed way of bringing these businesses to justice.

Imagine they go out of business and then come up with a relatively different version of the same horseshit.

Similar to LUNA.

And lies still continue:

Here is my suggestion for a solution.

Let's set up a JusticeDAO which is a decentralized pool of founders and VCs, that whenever horseshit like this happened, they act immidiately and raise money to take the criminal startup founders to federal court and ban them from doing business again.

We do not want to praise these people by giving them another chance to feed us with the trash they gave us before.

Let's go DeFi on a new modern justice system.

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