COVID-19: Opportunity for Startups and Remote Work

We are living in very difficult times and the way we handle this crisis will have a major impact on the human future. I guess everyone still remember the 2008 financial crisis very well which at some point we made some changes in the financial structure of our society for good. We should do the same now.

COVID-19 is imposing a lot of limitations and difficulties to people and businesses. A lot of businesses are already on big financial losses and start to lay off their workers.

It is pretty obvious that we are moving toward another financial crisis as the world is going to hiding. This is a very difficult time for everyone as we are fighting against a very strong force of nature and as people are losing their lives, everyone else is trying to fight for survival.

Tech giants are trying to help and payback to the community as well. Facebook and Twitter were prominently featuring links to high-quality information from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization in their respective feeds and search results.

There is no doubt that many startups may go down or be affected in terms of market share or revenue.

On the other side, there is a huge opportunity that is coming up and showing itself to the world: Remote work!

Work From Home (WFH) or remote work is not something new at all. In fact, I personally work from home from 6 years ago. This is something like a norm in the IT and tech industry. I know many of my friends are do the same as well for quite a long time.

Many startups have set themselves up as a remote company. This means they do not have an office space and they all hang out virtually via the internet.

What makes Work From Home very hot now, is that everyone must do it now. It is very dangerous now to go out and expose yourself to the outside world because of coronavirus.

This means more and more companies are moving in this direction and told their employees to start working from home. Now, for nontech companies and government agencies this may be a shocker both from mindset and tech infrastructure perspective.

On the other side, this will be a great opportunity for startups and founders to think about this. How they can enable and empower their employees to work from home effectively and with full capacity.

This includes current startups that are working towards scale and also newly established startups in the agile workspace as well.

I was having a chat with a founder in an agile workspace. She just told me that her firm had 500% growth in the last month because of the COVID-19 outbreak as the majority of fortune 500 companies reached out to her firm to prepare themselves.

I personally believe that this new way of working will become mainstream after COVID-19 crisis. After we pass this crisis, organizations and startups will find the benefits of working from home and will see that they still can maintain productivity by offering something new and also protect their people as well.

Plus, this is the best time for startup founders to think of ideas on how to increase productivity while workers are working from home.

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