COVID-19: 1 - Month Marketing Plan for Tech Startups to Win 70 New Clients

As the COVID-19 pandemic has developed from a health concern to an economic crisis to a recession that’s going to be hard to recover from, the focus of reporting on the economic impact has been on B2B tech startups.

Already, we’re hearing concerns of startups pulling the plug on investment rounds, and also Venture Capitals suddenly a lot less confident that they will be able to make the returns they had hoped for their startup portfolio.

There is no doubt that it is a hard time for everybody as people are thinking all about their survival and get through this crisis.

On the other hand, if you are thinking like an investor, the rule of thumb will be to start think differently.

I put together a 1-month marketing plan as I addressed this in my previous blog. In this uncertain times, you perhaps cannot plan ahead more than a month. Since things are changing rapidly, you must be sharp on your feet.

In this 1-month marketing plan, I put my focus on very specific strategies. We don't do thousands of things, we do very specific fundamental tactics that we know we get results.

Obviously, if you are experience business leader, you can come up with new and creative marketing ideas. However, for many of us out there, during these times perhaps the best strategy is to go back to foundation and basics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing basic but strong things over and over again if you are getting results.

This plan will cost around USD $7,000 and will generate around 70 new registration or clients for you at maximum.

Here you go:

#1: Run a LinkedIn campaign

I strongly recommend you think about a brand new Linkedin marketing campaign as you may have existing campaigns. However, with COVID-19 affecting everything and everybody, I strongly recommend you make some adjustments based on this fact and things have changed in your industry and your target market needs to be aware of that.

#2: Run a Google ad with landing page

There is nothing more effective and stronger that running Google ad with a funnel based landing page when you share something valuable for your target market.

This is not just a simple landing page, I encourage you to draft a solid funnel behind your landing page where you share a white paper or article on the subject of how your industry or customers affected by COVID-19.

#3: Content strategy

You can quickly adjust your content strategy and be sharp about it. My suggestion is to draft 4 x blog posts on how things have changed by COVID-19. Draft 2 x white papers and of course, you will use these marketing assets in your ads and campaigns.

Another suggestion is to have 2 x VLOGS as well in which you show behind the scene of how your business is functioning during this hard times. Great branding tool.

#4: Influencer marketing

I will invest on two interviews with 2 influencers in your space and use it in your social media. The message is simple: how things have changed by COVID-19 and what are the ways moving forward.

#5: Press release

My suggestion is to have 2 x press release on new products or changes that you are making in your business or startup and how this may affect or not affect your target market.

There you go. Now you have it. This plan should not cost you more than USD $7000 and will generate minimum of 31 and maximum 70 new registration or net new clients.

Before going through this plan, make sure that you invest time and resource to update your keyword strategy and making sure you are still relevant to what your target market is now thinking.

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