Can You Teach Entrepreneurship? Also includes a Guest Post by Bill Gross who Said You Can't

What's your definition of entrepreneurship? This blog seeks to collect a wide range of insights. Also includes a guest post by Bill Gross who said you can't.

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to teach entrepreneurship? A few months back, I stumbled across an article written by Bill Gross of Idealab. He said that entrepreneurs are born, not made. I had a problem with this claim because I know entrepreneurs who were once engineers or salespeople.

Can you teach entrepreneurship? I think so, since I’ve been coaching them for the past 5 years.

I have to disagree. It’s a mindset, an attitude, a way of thinking. Anyone can learn to think entrepreneurially. I used my perspective on the question as a starting point and inserted it into this blog post. You’re welcome…

If you have the talent and a willingness to work hard, there’s no reason you can’t teach yourself to be an entrepreneur.

The importance of entrepreneurship training has become a conversation that’s hard to ignore.

Would you teach your child to drive a car before he or she had learned how to walk? I wouldn’t. At least, I hope not. It’s one thing to keep kids safe and another to build confidence in them so that they will be more likely to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. The same goes for entrepreneurs.

Our guest author, Bill Gross, says that teaching entrepreneurship is useless. The founder of Idealab, he has a lot of experience in the entrepreneurial space. But our author, Shaun Abrahamson disagrees. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you disagree? Leave your comments, questions and thoughts below!

Many people say that you can’t teach entrepreneurship. That’s not true, I believe in the power of education to empower and embolden entrepreneurs.

And we agree! It’s why we’ve put together a Blog post to provide you with some insight and details around the question - Can Entrepreneurs be taught?

I teach entrepreneurship, sales and marketing on the side to several students. My favorite class is the one where I teach graduate students how to build their first business, and then follow them to see if it succeeds or fails.

I don’t think entrepreneurs are born. I have a hunch that you can learn how to be an entrepreneur.

Are you an entrepreneur with a burning desire to teach? To mentor? To inspire and influence the next generation of free agents?

Do you need a mentor? - you bet I do! - then offer out your services to the entrepreneur who needs guidance.

Let's face it. Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned and honed with practice, like driving a car or cooking. Successful entrepreneurs share 3 common traits: determination, discipline and decisiveness.

If you’re reading this, chances are you think it is possible to teach entrepreneurship and that everyone has the ability to start a business – right? “Anyone with a good idea can become an entrepreneur.” That’s what they say.

Entrepreneurship is an art. It can be taught, but it cannot be learned. Literally it means “to undertake”. It is a mindset that you either have or don’t – right?

Well, not quite …   The truth is entrepreneurs need basic skills to succeed in business. Entrepreneurship can be taught!

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We all have seen entrepreneurs who make us wonder how they became successful.

And then there are those who make us wonder what they are doing wrong, because success doesn’t seem to come their way. So which kind of person are you? Are you destined to be an entrepreneur or can it be taught?

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Many people want to be entrepreneurs but not everyone can.

Entrepreneurship is about more than just being creative and having an idea. It’s also about having the right mindset and approach. And that, unfortunately, cannot be taught. Only experienced.

Yes it can. Entrepreneurship is like any other skill, the more you practice the better you get. It can be learned and honed with practice, like driving a car or cooking.

Yes, some people are born with a knack for entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship is not just a gene or something you’re born with. Many successful entrepreneurs share 3 common traits

Can entrepreneurship be learned or are entrepreneurs born with it? I believe entrepreneurs are made, not born. Like anything, you can learn to be more successful if you have the right learning tools and guidance. Enough reading, time to do something about it!

Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned, practiced and improved with time.

Entrepreneurship is a skill you can learn and develop. Entrepreneurship is not a mystery or reserved for a lucky few.

Whether you want to build a business or work for yourself, entrepreneurship is something that can be learned like any other skill. You will need determination, discipline and decisiveness to succeed. If you have these skills you can learn how to make your ideas happen. Learning the skills of entrepreneurship is just like learning how to drive or cook or any other skill. Practice makes perfect and the more you practice the better you get at it.

Can you learn to start a company? Yes, absolutely.

Can entrepreneurship be taught? Famous entrepreneurs did not suddenly decide to become a top entrepreneur. They worked hard and big achievements didn’t happen overnight.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not rocket science. I can teach you the secrets to entrepreneurship, and how to get ahead of your competition.

Although it is true that some people are born with abilities that make them more likely to be successful entrepreneurs, anyone can develop the skills to become an entrepreneur.

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