B2B Timeless Marketing Tips to Win Your Next 100 Clients

What a year was 2020! Full of uncertainty and challenges like no other. B2B businesses and startups faced many challenges to generate demand or even raising awareness as many economies shrank.

Now that we know what kind of world and future we will be live in and how changes are shaping our new reality, businesses can think better and more clearer in terms of their strategies to acquire more customers.

Many marketers are relying on their profitable funnels and many others are sharpening their skills and to think of new ways to showcase their products and services.

Here, we are going deeper into different strategies that you can use to get more traction and eventually more customers.

Let's dive in;

Video podcasting

Connect with high-value channel partners & clients at a deeper level, while creating great content for your social media and grow your network. You can reach out to great podcasters out there considering that they are always looking for great stories and guests. Don't be shy. Pitch your story in two-three lines and move forward.


Connect with the right podcasts and get featured on a regular basis, to grow awareness & demonstrate thought leadership.

Video content

Create 2-3 minute educational videos to share on social media (YouTube channel and LinkedIn feed), think: what would my clients want to know if they had access to me (don't think what YOU want them to know).

Write a book

1st: how are you different from the competition?

2nd: come up with a name for what you do, as if it's a new sub-category in your industry.

3rd: write a book whose title is that sub-category name.

4th: interview other thought leaders in your field about it (benefit from halo effect).

5th: group interview insights into 5 chapters, plus 1 chapter for the intro and 1 outro.

Publish! (if it's too much, work with a partner in your industry, or in an ancillary field).

Answer Quora questions

Task your team members to answer 1 Quora question every week as it pertains to your industry.

If there aren't enough questions, you can even ask them and answer them, linking back to your website.

Everywhere your audience is looking for answers, you want to be front and center!

Speak at virtual conferences

You have to start small, put yourself on a virtual stage, and leverage it to get to a bigger stage. Conferences want to get thought leaders, so you have to get on Meetups, get interviewed on podcasts, appear in industry reports, and get quoted in epic blogs.

And set a goal to reach out to at least 1 conference a month to inquire about speaking opportunities.

Share ideas

Become an idea machine!

Every day, dedicate 15 minutes where you just sit down and come up with 10 ideas.

These can be new business ideas, ways to improve your current business, tests you want to run, or just ways you can help clients' businesses.

Then, share those ideas freely.

Just reach out via email and share 1-2 ideas and then say "do you have time for a call or coffee to share some more ideas?"

Add value, and build goodwill.

Video content

Create high-value 2-3 minute long videos, "gate" after the 1st minute to ask for contact info and offer a free assessment or strategy call.

Or even ask for nothing! Keep delivering value and people will notice you.


Webinars are very popular now. Design & launch 1 webinar per month to educate your audience, add value, and generate high-quality leads with special offers.

Once you have a polished webinar, reach out to Meetups and Mastermind groups to share with & add value to their audience.


Create your own Meetup group to promote regular workshops & webinars to your ideal audience.


Industry reports: identify channel partners who work with the same clients like you and could refer business to you, interview 10 of them, and create a beautiful report with their differentiation & top insights.

You do everything for free, connect with partners and offer value to they'll refer business to you. But they will also promote your report to their audience, so you get access to them. You can gate that report on your website with a landing page so people give you their name & email and then the autoresponder sends them the download link.

Review platforms

Find leads on review platforms: Go to g2 crowd or Capterra, check out platforms that your buyers might use, look at the reviews and reach out to these people because they are buyers in your target organization.

Worst case, ask them to connect you with the right person.

There are heaps of more strategies that you can use to generate leads for your business.

What other ideas you can think of that can work for you?!

Houman Asefi

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