Are There Any Honest and Down-to-Earth Business/Entrepreneur Podcasts?

I'm sick of all the "hustle" and "jargon-filled" business podcasts out there. However, these podcasts are reshaping the way I see and think about business.

The hustle culture is eating the internet.

Everyone is talking about working hard, grinding, hustling, and tearing your ass off to get a result.

What exactly does it mean?

I do not understand it TBH.

Mean you have to work more hours during the day?

Meaning, more marketing?

How about "Less is More"?

Anyway, it has been a few months since I immersed myself in a few podcasts.

The first one that I want to talk about is My First Million.

Tons of entertainment with the occasional great idea.

Every week the hosts (Sam Parr and Shaan Puri) dive deep into different business opportunities and explain how to pounce on them.

It's just two successful guys spitballing ideas and talking about new companies and tech, sometimes with successful guests.

They aren't gurus, they aren't always right about things but they aren't afraid to shoot their shot and they have a lot of valuable insights.

They are sometimes smart, sometimes douchey, and sometimes they say stupid stuff, but usually, there's a good blend of information, inspiration, and entertainment.

Can be a little techbro at times, but most of the time they know they are doing it and are leaning into it for entertainment purposes.




The other podcast that I routinely listen to is Brian G.Burns podcasts.

He has two podcasts: one is about sales mastery and the other one deep dive into sales leadership.

He normally invites guests over and discusses sales and leadership skills in-depth and also in a fun way.

Totally recommended to anyone who wants to master the art of sales and sales leadership.




The last one is 20 Minutes VC podcast.

If you want to understand how Venture Capital works and how investors make decisions, this is the one and only pod you need.




Here you go.

Some sick content to go through for the next few months grinders!


BTW, if you are thinking about raising Series A, we must talk!

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