Advice For 40-year-old Entrepreneurs to Raise Confidence

A few weeks ago I posted this question in a Facebook group to see how other like-minded entrepreneurs and founders think about this. The result was outstanding. I got 196 comments and advice. It seems that people care about raising confidence and there are lot of ways to achieve this.

I am sure by the time you read this blog, the comments will be more.

So, this gave me the idea to put all the advice into a blog post in one place so other entrepreneurs can use this valuable insight as well.

I posted 84 of these nuggets of wisdom.

Let me know if you need more!

Let's dive in:

1. Go for it.

2. If you are seeking confidence, do not be an entrepreneur.

3. Making business on Mars? good luck getting advice from an alien.

4. good luck with your attitude.

5. Thank you for the good luck...yes it is not exactly fancied in this society to see things for what they are...anyway, let's not get into the trap of division...we have different roads to happiness...I truly wish you luck on yours.

6. From one 40-year-old newbie entrepreneur to another:

Start small and grow, slow and steady. Start with one business, make it work, and automate it before starting another.

If you must fail, fail small and fail quickly. Identifying and correcting mistakes early on will save you months or years

Most of it is the boring fundamentals (marketing, innovation, production) day in and day out. It adds up over time though, so stay the course

Measure everything. You can't manage what you can't measure You got to have a big "why" behind it -- and it's got to be bigger than money and significance.

Tony suggests going after personal growth and contribution Compete against yourself. Aim to get even just 1% better every day



9. Get on your knees and pray.


11.Get that number "40" out of your head.

12. I started later than that, 63 now. What helped me a lot was my local Toastmasters club. Learning to speak confidently in public helps in other areas of life too.

13. Never to late to start. You already have so much experience in your own field or interests so don’t ever think you are not as good as other people .... take action

14. Start loving JESUS!!!

15. Believe in yourself. Have faith in God who gives you the power!

16. Say...I AM worthy, every single day!

17. It worked for me. Even on my hardest days, I tell myself that I am Enough and worthy. All the best!

18. Do cold calls. Practice sale even if it’s no related to your business. Do telemarketing. Get uncomfortable and do it as long as you feel ok. What ever it is.

19. If you need advice to raise your confidence don't go into the entrepreneurship 20. Your answer is wrong.

Do you think entrepreneurs are sometimes without confidence?

Give me a break.

21. It’s just a paradigm you are telling yourself to play small and apologize for why you can’t do it. Change the question: why you have soo much confidence to do everything? Don’t let your paradigm get in the way!

I also recommend “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and apply this wisdom! You can do everything and there are enough proof, that age has nothing to do with it, just if you really want it

22. relax. You're going to find your way!

23. What kind of way if he doesn't learn?

24. Hypnotherapy with me.

Fast, dynamic and extremely effective.

25. You already are confident, by defining yourself as an entrepreneur! Just keep going!

26. 40 is not a scary number. Don’t let it worry you.





31.Colonel Sanders was in his 60s when he started KFC.


33.I came across this the other day. "Remember, Every master was once a disaster.” Hope it helps.


35. YOU don't need confidence. just believe in your product or service. Are you serving your clients? 36. You are the only one who can raise it. It’s in you. The external can give you a momentary boost at best.

37. Do something that you are passionate about and serve people that you know you can serve.

38. Pretend your doing it on behalf of someone else, you're doing them a favor and don't want to let them down.

39. action.

40. Yes. Stop asking that question! An instant confidence raiser.

41. ACT AS IF you are already successful. I remember I had just qualified as a life coach, then an opportunity to work in a corporate came up within a month, NERVOUS!!! So scared sitting in the reception of this huge building on the very first day, I was trembling. I remember seeing a man in a sharp suit n briefcase walk by, and I just looked at him and thought, just a man in a sharp suit and briefcase, he's only human, I bet even he has issues. I was led into my temp office, and stood at the window, hands in pockets looking out as IF I owned the place. Head up, shoulders back and breathe. After that first day, I became the 'life coach' for that business and news spread to other offices about my services, but I had to give up working there, literally within 3 months, as I had to move 180 miles away :o( DON'T ASK! Still heartbroken about the move. Good luck.

42. Confidence is an inside job no one can give it to you. It's your perception your mindset that tells you you're not enough.

43. just do it. I was 45. You got this

44. Have an overview on your finances: spendings, fixed costs. And really do the business calculations before starting. You have the opportunity to grow. If you feel it gets creepy, take a deep breath: money will come back. Time not. And look for yoga and meditation classes to join.

45. talk to others - many older entrepreneurs have been through confidence lack and situations like this before. Also, stop watching the TV - too much depressing stuff on there. Find the real people and what they are doing.

46. Do something you are good at in the direction of your building your business.

47. what if you are good at and still not confident?

48. Confidence comes with practice, practice comes from taking that first step, taking that first step starts with courage.

49. If u are here asking that I wonder if your at that level. Seems you have a lot to develop. Not having a cheap shot at you. Just being honest

50. Get used to being uncomfortable that where the magic happens

51.age has nothing to do with it ....

52. Be thankful you're not 50 and just lost everything like me

53. Network with other entrepreneurs. Energy is contagious!

54. Get out of your head. Stop over thinking things. The analysis is paralysis. Just do. Cheers.

55. Try and fail, think about it, not too much, just learn, repeat

56. Stop overthinking everything and start taking daily sequential action toward specific goals. In other words - less talk and more action - as the old saying goes. Action brings success and success brings confidence.

57. Be mindful of what you say when you talk to yourself. Be kind and be positive. Read 'The One Thing' and 'The Compound Effect' to build perseverance. Good luck.

58. Look back at your successes and... you made it this far! Any credits there for confidence building?

59. Stop referring to yourself with your age as a label

60. I was like this, but honestly the only way you get confidence is just to keep moving forward, but small steps xx 61. there is no formula for succes........most succeses just kept trying until all the experience accumulated from previus failures and the right opportunity crossed paths so just keep trying

62. You amount to nothing






Rule number one and the only rule: Ignore all nayers

63. 7 People Who Became Millionaires After 40

64. What losing taught me about winning.

65. 100% believing in yourself and visualize the outcome, never stop!

66. How did you make it to 40?

That means your already on the right track.

I'm learning from you.

67. You want a pep talk go to cheer camp! Make it happen !!

68. Find a good NLP coach. They can help find where you are stuck and facilitate in the unsticking. Sometime being given advice can serve as frustrating as it does help to address the route cause of your own challenge and work through it.

69. Know People.

70. As Tony Robbins would say "Complexity is the enemy of execution." Just start and you will take off. Tap the powers within you through introspection and retrospection to gain more confidence and self-motivation to be fully empowered.

71.Work on your solar plexus and self talk

72. Trust in yourself . Believe God is behind you & just give your best short ....

73. Believe in God!

74. Think that your 60 and stop wasting time

75. Come through in your commitments to yourself, its starts right there!

76. develop ''posture''

77. Almost half way of life ... make your next half count for yourself as well as others!

78. Don't look back, make each decision based on SMART goal setting!

79. The Self Confidence Workbook: A Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Improving Self-Esteem

80. Boost Your Confidence

81.Meditate and revolutionize your lifestyle and diet - food, media, music, your own words... become far better, harmonize and optimize the present moment.

82. Meditate, Surround yourself with positive like-minded people.

83. Confidence is connected to certainty and our energy. How do we build certainty in our bodies? Perhaps a great place to start is our State and our Triad. How would you stand when you truly confident, How would you breathe? How would you move with unshakable confidence? What would you focus on with unshakable confidence? What would you do with this unshakable confidence? What would you say? What would you ask yourself? From this state, from this place ... what might be possible? 84. Age is irrelevant.

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