A Checklist to Boost Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

As we are starting 2020, it is important and crucial to start thinking fresh as a SaaS founder and come up with new strategies and tactics for your B2B marketing.

In general, you need to make it clear for yourself and your team that what is the target. Normally for a tech startup in B2B space, these targets can be qualified as tangible targets for startup marketing:

Generate qualified leads

Drive website traffic

Building brand awareness

These 3 pillars of marketing strategy can be quantified as well so everybody in your startup have a clear understanding of what to achieve.

For each of the above targets, you should have an activity plan in terms of the tasks with the deadline and owner. This way, in your weekly meetings everybody can track each other’s work and get more understanding of the big picture:

1. Define your target segment and vertical

2. Draft a clear and concise message

3. Create free content to consume by target market

4. Send emails

5. Set up a landing page to generate leads

6. Setup sales incentives and SPIFF

7. Monitor your progress with each project

8. Learn, change your approach and go to 1

Meanwhile, you must understand what your competition is doing and how they deliver their message to their or your target market. Always improve on that. Always be better at your competition. Not only from a price perspective, but also from a brand perspective.

Generate qualified leads

I cannot stress out how important and simple this is. I have worked with many established organizations and startups and saw how many organizations are struggling with this. Companies make it very hard for themselves to generate high quality leads for different reasons. It is either lack of experience, fear of failure, lack of authority when it comes to making decisions, or trying to do everything themselves.

This is a trap that many first time founders fall into. You do not need to do everything by yourself.

However, you must come up with marketing ideas yourself. From an execution perspective, things can be outsourced.

As a founder and entrepreneur, you must start thinking about how you can get the attention of your target market and how to segment your market properly. What plans and activities should be done and how to measure the success rate.

Then, when it comes to execution, you can outsource it to a marketing agency or a subcontractor to actually do the job for you.

The key here is to become a world-class marketer.

Drive website traffic

There are many different things you can do to increase your website traffic. Google Ad is one of the most basic and indeed effective way of moving traffic to your landing page or website.

The key here is to make sure your website is optimized for those relevant keywords and also your website has a funnel behind it.

Note that it will not be enough to just have a website that explains how your product works. You need more than that. You have to have a clear understanding of the buyer's journey and how your buyers make a decision. Then, based on this info, you can start thinking about the content that guide the buyer towards making decision to buy and down the bottom of the funnel.

Building brand awareness

Social media and personal branding will be the key here. Make sure that you are heavily active in social media that your target market is using.

This way you can achieve maximum attention from your target market and also building a strong brand as well.

To be able to achieve that, think about what you want your brand present. I highly suggest you go through this link to see how to tell your startup story.

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