23 Venture Capitalists (VCs) to Raise at Early Stage for B2B SaaS Startups (2023)

It doesn't matter if you are in or outside of the US. You can start building relationships and engage with these VCs and prepare your startup for Series A fundraising.

B2B SaaS business model is one of the most attractive and lucrative business models out there for Venture Capitals (VCs) for different reasons.

First of all, we are dealing with the most predictive revenue stream possible.

If you get to product market fit (PMF), chances are you have a sticky business and sticky customers that are willing to pay you month after month.

Until they get to the CLV threshold.

If you do not know what CLV is, you need to think twice before reaching out to VCs!!

Just saying . . .

Also, the valuation is pretty attractive as well.

Normally, we are looking at 4x valuation for revenue.

Which dramatically increases with acquiring more customers.

Of course, there is a lot more to that when it comes to raising Series A.

However, I encourage you to start engaging with these VCs as early as possible and start building relationships so when it comes to raising Series A, you have leverage.

Or alternatively, you can reach out to me and I can help you fast-track the process.

Here we go.

1. Latimer Ventures




Latimer Ventures is a Baltimore-based early-stage Venture Capital Fund helping Fortune 1000 companies make diverse acquisitions.

I would not say you can reach out to them directly since they've identified a unique category of fund managers they call Emerg’d Managers. These are long-term investors and pressure-tested decision-makers who prioritize diverse investing and whose portfolios outperform the competition as a result.

This means, that they have already formed partnerships with MeterFeeder, CyDeploy, and Canela Media.

I will review their portfolio companies as well and see if I can get a referral from them or any of their existing channels.

2. Reciprocal Ventures




NY-based Reciprocal Ventures is heavily invested in Blockchain and crypto startups. The main one to mention is indeed, Solana!

They are a VC that prefers you to reach out to them on social media.

Alternatively, they strongly recommend finding a warm introduction via their portfolio founders or partners.

3. Afore Capital




California-based $300M VC fund is looking for warm intros.

Their sweet spot is the $1-2M round, where they can lead the pre-seed round as an institutional investor alongside high-value angels.

They look for companies that are product-led and are built by founders with non-obvious insights and infectious ambitions. Both their co-founder was founding Product Managers (Twitter and Android Nexus) so they are comfortable getting involved at ground zero.

4. Harlem Capital




Harlem Capital Partners is a New York-based minority-owned early-stage venture firm on a mission to change the face of entrepreneurship by investing in 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years.

They are having a $174M asset under management across two funds.

They are looking for high quality, resilient management team with at least one full-time founder, a disruptive business model, Post product-market fit (they are early), a large market size ($1B+) with positive demand drivers, Seed round (10%+ ownership target) and investment realization horizon of 4 to 7 years.

So, if this is you, go ahead and pitch to them!

5. Cowboy Ventures




Cowboy Ventures invest in US-based, SaaS companies. Their sweet spot is co-leading or leading seed rounds (usually a round of $1-5m).

They invest in enterprise and consumer-oriented software-driven companies. They also have team members with specialties in areas including vertical AI, data privacy, tech infrastructure, developer tools, education technology, and digitally-powered new consumer brands.

They don’t need a warm intro. - email them at Hello@Cowboy.vc.

6. Countdown Capital




Countdown Capital invests in pre-seed hard tech companies rebuilding our industrial base, with a focus on founders who value evolutionary thinking and aspire to create industrial flywheels. These are aerospace, construction, manufacturing, energy, and transportation.

Also, they have a pretty comprehensive investment thesis which I highly recommend reading it. Worth publishing it as an economy thesis especially when it comes to the future of the US industrial economy.

7. VITALIZE Venture Capital




VITALIZE investing in transformative, data-driven work software.

They invest $50-150K at pre-seed & $250-750K at the seed stage and help portfolio companies with customer intros, operational advice, and financing strategy/intros.

  • Startups raising pre-seed or seed rounds of $1 to $3M

  • A term sheet has been issued from a lead investor

  • Pre-money valuations no greater than $12M

  • A potential 30x CoC return for investors

  • Highly scalable software solution

  • Initial indications of product-market fit (e.g., early revenues or customer acquisition)

  • Strong growth potential

  • Former entrepreneurial or directly relevant industry experience

  • A corporation located in the United States

They have a clear line of communication set up for everyone wants to engage with them.

Founders who fit our criteria & are raising - https://airtable.com/shriqOgaasQ0JZb5H

Angel investors who want to join an inclusive community - https://vitalize.vc/vitalizeangels/

Founder + angel/VC roundtables: https://calendly.com/galevc

8. Animal Capital




Their first line on their website is:

For all investor, founder, and press inquiries please contact


Everyone knows I love VCs that are sharing all the lines of communication and not just limiting themselves to warm intros.

Lead all start-up incubation efforts as well as venture investments in Pre-seed, Seed and Series A investments for Animal Capital, a $15m AUM fund based in Los Angeles and New York City.

They are the first Gen. Z-focused venture capital fund with digital creator mega stars at the founder level. The fund will focus on consumer and financial technology, health and wellness, and media.

9. Base 10 Partners




Base10 is an early-stage venture capital firm partnering with entrepreneurs who are bringing automation to traditional sectors of the economy - what we call automation of the real economy. Base10 is headquartered in San Francisco.

This is retail, food tech, E-commerce, RPA, on demand infra, social governance. Also, you can sea extensive research on these areas here.

10. Ganas Ventures




If you have just started your search in the venture capital space, you must have come across Lolita. An energetic and fun character who always asks questions on behalf of their portfolio founders on Twitter.

Ganas Ventures invests in pre-seed and seed Web 2 and Web 3 startups in the US and Latin America.

We write $100K checks to founders and a big vision to address big problems in growing markets thru a sustainable go-to-community strategy.

11. Laconia Ventures




Geri is open to cold outreach and she already has shared her email address as well: geri at laconia dot vc..

Feel free to reach out to her if you have strong traction. She is writing $500k - $1m checks at the Seed stage with US & Canada focused with B2B software only.

Go for it.

12. DCVC




DCVC is investing and specialized in Deep Tech, Environment, and nuclear energy. Get to them on Twitter at @zackbogue.

They are an early-stage Deep Tech venture fund with over $2 billion under management.

13. Space VC




You do not have to send people to the moon or Mars to be qualified to reach out to Space VC.

Space.VC is a seed-stage Venture Capital fund investing in startups at the intersection of space, software, climate, infrastructure, satellite applications, and beyond.

BTW, Jonathan was a founder with an exit turned into the dark side of the force!

Space is Open for Business!

14. B Capital



B Capital normally invests in seed to Series A in US and Asia.

With over $3.5 billion in assets under management across multiple funds, they focus on seed to late-stage growth investments, primarily in the enterprise, financial technology, and healthcare sectors.

You definitely need a warm intro to this big VC.

15. Rare Breed VC




Mac is awesome. He is responsive and an influencer on Twitter.

He is all about Startups, Business Development, Sales, Early Stage Startup Mentorship and can help you get things done when he is investing in you.

His focus is mainly on US startups.

16. Responsibly Ventures




Zecca is hyperactive on Twitter and pretty much responds immediately to all things startups.

They are a PreSeed VC Impact Fund, backing remarkable teams in both Sustainability and Social Good.

He is on a mission to prove that social funds can be profitable investments and he is actually doing a very good job.

You can even become one of his LPs and attend his weekly Twitter space to network with other founders and LPs in his fund.

17. Moxxie Ventures




Katie served in numerous executive operating roles at Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Color. She has led teams in marketing, comms, recruiting, product and media. In addition to working in Silicon Valley, Katie served in the (Obama) White House and State Department.

They are investing in Consumer, Enterprise, FinTech, HealthTech, and Climate.

They are open to cold outreach and actually encourage you to do it.

18. GetFresh Ventures




Canada-based VC, with their GFV methodology for growth, includes defining opportunity, establishing market positioning and dominance, building scalable operational frameworks, talent capital and systems, driving customer acquisition, and ultimately long-term value in customer retention and expansion.

I would definitely reach out to them if you want to become a hyper-growth startup since they have a data-driven growth method to help you scale.

But, you need to show solid traction first.

19. Barrel Ventures