1200+ Angel Investors

How to easily get noticed by a network of 1200+ angel investors you asked?

The answer is bloody simple!

Send them a fucken intro email.

Ok, they may ignore you.

But this is because you are not thinking like an investor.

Investors want to at least 10x their money.

Sometimes even more.

If you can illustrate that you can multiply their money within a specific period of time and now is the best time to invest in your concept, you are a winner.

So, make sure you have reliable sources of articles that show your market is HUGE!

Make sure you make it clear that you and your team are the best people on the planet earth to run with this idea.

And also, why NOW is the time to do this.

So, in short:

Why you?

Why now?

Why this technology for this specific problem?

And, just send a 250-character email to the list.

Google sheet: +1200 SaaS Angel Investors

Feel free to reach out to me if you want a warm intro to VCs.

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