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Who is Houman Asefi?

I am a business strategist, speaker, consultant and recognized authority in tech space. I am a business development architect based in Sydney, Australia who possesses 15 years of experience in IT industry.


A husband, father, investor, strategist, speaker, influencer, award finalist blogger, problem solver, life long learner and technologist with the growth mindset who has learned throughout my journey the value of honesty and working hard. I believe every person can unlock the massive potential in themselves and change the world by unlocking the entrepreneur inside them. It is just the matter of having courage and self confidence to take the first steps.

As an immigrant from Iran, I learned how to quickly adapt myself to change and how to see the positive side of life. This is now part of my DNA on how to deal with change and be open to new opportunities. This is now part of my technology sales workshops for those who wants to break into technology and software sales to deliver maximum value.

I have college degree from QIAU (Iran) in IT Engineering and Masters degree in Commerce from UNSW, Australia.

I have worked with enterprise organizations and handful of startups to scale the sales and distribution business for better and increasing revenue stream. I believe IT-Business alignment is legacy. I have delivered embedded digital experience to achieve tangible business outcomes and achieve goals within the business beyond expectations by building agile and world class sales organization.

When I am not working, I am going out with my lovely wife and only daughter and spend quality time with them, or reading books. I am passionate to help others grow and find what they are best at.

Scale is my number one priority in every aspect of life and I am committed to get the same result for my friends and the people around me.


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